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Whether you’d like to know more about escape rooms, our booking system or Escape The Van, our FAQs will answer your concerns, conundrums and queries.

For any more information, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

About Escape The Van

What is unique about Escape The Van?

We are one of very few mobile escape rooms operating in the UK, and the only one to offer individual as well as back-to-back sessions. We have all the excitement and fast-paced gameplay of a traditional escape room experience, but we bring it straight to your door, saving you time, effort and expenses.

Why should we choose Escape The Van over other escape rooms?

Escape The Van offers a fully immersive escape room experience, suitable for experienced players and first-timers alike. We have all 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor and have received incredible feedback from players aged 11 to 70!

The biggest benefit of our mobility is the convenience we can offer to you! Just assemble your teams at your chosen residence, workplace or venue and we’ll bring our fun, frantic and fast-paced strategy game to you. No need to coordinate travel arrangements or worry about additional expenses.

Which areas do you travel to?

Escape The Van operates from Van HQ in South Manchester and most of our sessions run across the North West. However, we are happy to travel further afield for bookings comprising multiple sessions and add a delivery charge according to how far we travel. Please contact us directly if you would like a quote for your location.

How big is the van?

The van measures 6.7m long by 2.1m wide and 3m high.

Our van is comfortably large enough for 5 adults to fit in, or 5 young people (11-16) with a supervising adult. If you are concerned about claustrophobia, we are happy to show you the inside ahead of the experience so that you can assess your comfort levels, although once you are inside, it is surprisingly roomy!

Corporate Queries

What is the benefit of Escape The Van as a corporate activity?

Escape rooms offer a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills essential for great team working, such as communication, delegation and leadership, all while offering a fun and immersive experience.

This is a perfect activity for building team spirit, as players need to work together to solve the ten puzzles and escape in time.

Play just for fun, or as part of a training day to meet particular business objectives.

Can you tailor the experience?

Yes! If you have particular business needs or learning objectives, we are happy to speak with you to see if we can adapt the experience to suit you. We are also happy to collaborate with any team building companies you may already use.  Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll see what we can to accommodate you.

Experience Queries

Is it scary?

No, the room doesn’t include any elements which are designed to make you jump.

Can I book for a group larger than 5 people?

Absolutely! Due to the size of the van, we have set a limit of 5 people at a time. But we can run multiple sessions for parties of 6 or over. Contact us directly us to book.

It is wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not. However, if you have a ramp which can fit inside the door for access. The clearance is 720mm. There is enough space in the van for one wheelchair user per group to participate.

It's forecast to rain! Will I get wet?

The experience itself takes place inside the van, but the briefing takes place just outside. We do provide umbrellas, but whether or not we stay dry depends entirely on the wind direction!

Do I need to be clever/ strong / fit/ young to take part?

The answer to all of these is no! The escape room is designed to be completed by anybody.

Can children take part?

We have adapted our experience to offer a child-friendly version. This is suitable for children aged 11 and over when at least one responsible adult is participating.

How long is the session?

You are given an hour to escape the room in, however you may complete the challenge faster! There is also a briefing beforehand and a debrief afterwards that lasts around ten minutes.

Booking Queries

What can I book online?

The online booking calendar will allow you to book individual sessions. For multiple sessions, please contact us directly. 

Which postcodes are covered by the online booking system?

Currently the postcodes that can book online are the following:

M5, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M18, M19, M20, M21, M22, M23, M30, M31, M32, M33, M34, M41, M50, SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9, SK12, WA14 and WA15

If you require a booking to a different postcode, please contact us directly.

What does 'There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.' mean?

Don’t panic! You have probably entered a postcode outside our usual area of operation. Please get in touch with us to make a booking.

I had selected an appointment time, but now my cart is empty. What's happened?

All online bookings have to be completed and paid for within 15 minutes. It’s not just the van that comes with a ticking clock!

I've made an online booking. Where is my booking confirmation?

Once you have completed payment for a booking you should receive a confirmation email.  Please allow a short time for this to appear. Don’t forget to check your Junk Mail!

Why can't I book a session for today/this evening?

We usually need at least 12 hours notice of any bookings due to the logistical reasons.  However, in some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate you. Please contact us directly and we will try to get back to you in time.

General Escape Room FAQs

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are strategy games set in themed rooms. The object is to work together to solve the puzzles and challenges to be able to open the door before the time runs out.

Are there other Escape Rooms?

Yes there are a large number of other escape rooms to try out in Manchester, the UK and worldwide. The number has been growing rapidly over the past few years.

Where did Escape Rooms start?

They first appeared in East Asia around ten years ago and have rapidly growing in popularity over the last five years.