Let the Escape Experience come to you!

So how does it work?


Single local bookings can be made easily using the online booking calendar. For multiple, half-day, full day or any out-of-area bookings these can be made via phone or email. Please see our Book Now page for more information.


Escape The Van will arrive and setup within minutes. Before beginning your host will brief you on the experience. Once inside the van your host will monitor your progress via camera and be able to make contact with you during the experience as and when required.


Groups of 2-5 people at a time have up to 60 minutes to work together to beat the van and escape! 30 minute bookings also available. Are you up to the challenge?


At Escape The Van we have worked hard to create an immersive theme which should test a wide range of skills and provide a great introduction for escape room first-timers, whilst still providing a thorough challenge to more experienced players. Teamwork essential, fun guaranteed.


Our experience is suitable for a wide range of people:

Friends & Families

Great fun for friends and families to take the challenge. Designed for adults but suitable for children aged 13 and up, with a responsible adult present at all times.


A great experience for those visiting the area. We can help advise on a suitable location for you to take part.

Gamers & Sporty People

You don’t have to be competitive to enjoy it, but if you are you’ll love the chance to set the fastest time! When time is ticking the adrenaline will build…….


Groups of colleagues can work together for the fun of it or to build a team spirit. Our experience targets and tests most of the skills required for a team to function well. After all – Teamwork makes the Dream work!










60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

 More rooms to be added soon, check back here for updates!

Escape The Van FAQ

Answers to common questions below...

Who can play this game?

You can play this game together socially with your family members, friends or colleagues from work, or us it as a fun and exciting team building activity. Due to the nature of the activity, children under the age of 13 are not permitted to take part. Any children aged 13 or over must have a responsible adult with them at all times.

Why should I join in this game?

We offer you an experience different from other classic activities done as a group; you can find the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem solving and decision making competencies in practice and you will have great fun.

Are there films or games similar to this activity?

There are many computer games in which you proceed finding hidden things or solving puzzles. The Silent Hill could be given as an example. In addition to TV shows such as The Crystal Maze and The Cube, the films such as the Cube, the Saw and the Room of Fermat also cover the same concept. There are also other Escape Room venues in fixed locations in many towns and cities.

How difficult is the game?

The game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes by getting involved, working together and solving the puzzles. You do not need any special talent other than using your brain and acting fast. This, however, does not necessarily mean that everybody can finish the game!

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No. Comfortable clothing and flat footwear is recommended, no high heels. During summer the van may be quite warm, whereas in the winter you will probably need a jumper or extra layer for warmth.

Will it be safe during the game?

Absolutely. Your safety is our number one priority and as such we have taken every effort to ensure the room is designed to be used in a safe manner by everyone. Please note that if for whatever reason we feel you may be unfit to take part in the game e.g. due to intoxication, we reserve the right to refuse entry without refund and by booking you agree to our decision being final on the matter.


We can customise our bookings to meet your needs, all delivering fantastic value for money to cater for all needs.

30 and 60 minute Experiences

From just £12 per person


Offering fantastic value and flexibility to suit all needs our prices start from £12 per person. Group sizes vary from 2 to 5 people. Check out our Book Now page for all booking options and prices.

Half Day / Full Day Bookings

Discounts available for multiple bookings


Ideal for larger groups who want to participate! This could be at a BBQ, garden party, wedding, birthday party or at a society or club. Also perfect for corporate bookings. We arrive and can work with a group at a time until everyone has joined in the fun!

We save you money!



How much time, money and effort would you save versus travelling to a traditional escape room? No taxi fare, parking charges, petrol cost, train ticket, food and drink at inflated prices. No searching round endlessly trying to find where on earth it is. No panicking that you’re late and getting caught in the rain. Simply put your feet up and wait for the doorbell to ring!


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For any queries, booking enquiries and anything else, please get in touch! Simply use the contact box here and we will get back in touch.

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We will be here:

9.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

You are welcome to come and say hello, however all escape experience sessions must be pre-booked online/over the phone. Please contact ahead.

Alternatively you can book at a location more suitable for you. Please view the booking calendar for all available times.

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