About the Team


Escape The Van is an independent start-up company based in South Manchester, founded in 2017 by entrepreneur, Greg Mooney. Greg visited his first escape room as part of a corporate team building day in his former career as a civil engineer. After enjoying the experience, he decided to use his practical knowledge and problem-solving skills in order to create his own.

He developed the room alongside his Ecommerce printing company in early 2018, testing the prototype extensively and running sessions for family and friends before taking any bookings from the public. After 6 months of refining the experience, Escape The Van officially launched in the summer of 2018, and has been receiving rave reviews ever since!

In September 2018, Marketer – and serial networker – Alice Lyons joined the team to help develop the business and reach new audiences. With a wealth of experience in managing hospitality and retail environments, Alice brings enthusiasm, energy and a love of creating high quality customer experiences. This also makes her especially well-suited to running escape sessions as our second Games Master.

Together, they run sessions across the North West and beyond. Escape The Van is one of the few fully mobile escape room operators in the UK, and the only one to offer individual as well as back-to-back sessions.

About our Players


Escape The Van is perfect for anyone with a love of mind-bending puzzles, complex challenges and fast-paced gameplay, and we’ve accommodated players aged 11 to 70!  This team-based strategy game will test your mind, your nerve… and perhaps your relationships!

Great for:

  • Birthdays, parties, social events and gatherings
  • Corporate events, team building, away days and Christmas parties
  • A rainy day activity
  • Friends and families
  • Stag and Hen Do’s
  • Weddings
  • Just for fun!

About the Experience


Escape The Van operates out of a large, blue, Vauxhall Luton box Movano van which has been converted into an immersive escape room experience.

Upon arrival, the Game Master will spend a short time preparing the room for you. You will then be briefed and taken through the health, safety and emergency procedures.

Once admitted to the game, you will be locked in. You will then have 60 minutes to work out how to escape, using props and clues to solve the puzzles to progress.

The Game Master will be able to hear and see you at all times from their position in the front cab via cameras positioned throughout the van. You can communicate with them through a themed point of contact. They will monitor your progress and provide hints and clues when requested, or when appropriate, for the benefit of the experience.

The clock stops when you complete the final challenge and open the door to escape. Not every group will be able to complete the challenge in time!

At the end of the session, the Game Master debriefs you on the experience and will ask for feedback. At this point there will also be opportunities for photos… and there may be some prizes!

About Preparation


Clothing – Suitable clothing should be worn to take part. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. We do have heating and air conditioning but it is best to be prepared! Stiletto heels are not permitted as they will damage the floor.

Toilet Break/Food/Drinks – As part of the experience you will be locked in the van for up to an hour. If requested, you will be able to leave at any time, but you will not be able to re-enter.

Ready On Time – We ask that you are ready 10 minutes before the booked time to allow for the Game Master to brief you and for the session to begin on time. If you are not ready, the Game Master will make a judgement on whether or not the session can run.

Sobriety – All participants are expected to be sober when taking part in the experience, in the interest of health and safety and enjoyment of the game. Please note that it is at the discretion of the Game Master as to whether or not it is safe to run the experience. Unless Escape The Van is at fault, no refund will be given in the event of the experience being cancelled.

About the Van


Model – Escape The Van operates out of a large, blue, Vauxhall Luton box Movano van which has been converted into an immersive escape room experience.

Gameplay – Although we are a mobile experience, this refers to the process of driving to your location. The van will remain stationary throughout the game.

Dimensions – The dimensions of the van are 2.1m wide, 6.7m long and 3m high.

Access – It is your responsibility when booking to ensure that the van will be able to access and stay in one fixed, safe location. We are able to operate from private property with the landowners’ permission, such as a driveway or company car park. We can also operate from the kerbside in areas without parking restrictions and with a speed limit of 30pmh or less.

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Get in touch for bookings, queries or more information. 

About Booking

A single session will cover an escape experience lasting one hour for up to five people. This can be booked via our Online Booking Calendar.

For larger groups, we offer consecutive bookings for groups of up to 5 people per session. Half Day and Full Day Bookings are also available.

A Half Day booking consists of three consecutive one-hour escape sessions (up to 15 people total.)

A Full Day booking consists of six consecutive one-hour escape sessions (up to 30 people total.)

The Booking Calendar can be used as a guide to availability but please contact us directly to arrange multiple sessions.

If the booking options above don’t suit your particular needs, please contact us as we may still be able to accommodate you. We welcome all enquiries.